Saturday, February 16, 2013

SEO Contest At IIIT Hyderabad

Top 1st page in search results requires the full understanding of Googles algorithms, however, Google doesn't exactly share all the knowledge needed to get to the top of search engines.

While many unknown elements still puzzle top Internet gurus, research has divulged important factors by analyzing the data collected. Methods used to collect these bits of information was simple, examine top-notch websites already number one in Google search.

Two essential features discovered upon examining the evidence reveled striking similarities in every website placed at the top of Google. What were these similarities? Site popularity and content relevance. Content based on strategic placement of keywords, and site popularity based on careful positioning of inbound links.

Its these two principal factors that seem to place the most value on a sites overall worth in determining how close you get to the top of Google. The correlation of these two fundamental algorithms has become a staple in website optimization.SEO Contest At IIIT Hyderabad

Website Content Relevance

The amount of relevant and quality content pages throughout your site helps determine your positioning. When a web surfer performs a search, Google locates Web pages based on the keyword(s) entered. If your site has been optimized for that use of words, your result of placement in search queries increases. Think of it as a content score, the higher you score, the more prevalent your sites visibility becomes in searches.

There's a sequence of rules for displaying content on a site, every page matters. From titles to summaries and everything in-between, you must take advantage of each bit of data placed. We do this by carefully positioning keywords and phrases, Keywords in titles, Keywords in headings and in the main body text. Lets not forget the introductions and summaries as well as images. To simply write what's on your mind and paste that information on a page is fruitless, it must be done strategically Seo.

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